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A book for military families written by Dr. Jill Biden. Interview about it on Time magazine here.

[…] Joe and Jill Biden consider themselves  a “regular” military family. Their son, Beau, the Attorney General of Delaware, was deployed to Iraqin 2008 with his National Guard unit, and spent a year there, leaving behind his wife and two small children. As the Second Lady, Jill Biden has worked endless hours with Michelle Obamato help service members and their families. Now, Biden. who has a doctorate in education, has written Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops (Simon & Schuster), a sensitive children’s book about the feelings of Natalie, a five-year-old girl whose father is called to serve. […]

Why did you decide to write a children’s book?

I’m a teacher, and I thought it would be the best way to educate and create awareness in children as well as their parents. If parents or kids say, “Gosh, we don’t know about military families. Mommy or Daddy, what can we do?”—there are suggestions in there for both the kids and the parents on where to go and what they can do. I really tried to educate and inspire.


What’s the main thing you’re hoping readers take away from the book?

An understanding of the strength and the resilience of military families and what they go through. This [situation] isn’t just going to be this year, or next year, or the following year. When these soldiers come home, the problems are going to go on for years to come.

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And as a military spouse, this is another reason why I support the Obama/Biden ticket instead of the Romney/Ryan ticket. The Bidens are a military family themselves who have gone through the difficulties of deployment and have an intimate understanding of the effects of having a service member in the family. They have not just lived it, but advocate tirelessly on behalf of military families on issues of children’s education, social support and mental health care for spouses and children, education opportunities for spouses and veterans, mental health care for veterans, and so much more.

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